1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST

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1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST

1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST
1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST

1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST through Stand up India scheme, built up for weaker section entrepreneurs, and it is one of the most effective key schemes of India Govt. That has been launched within the series to raise up employment generation. This is often totally different in nature than the opposite as a result of this theme is barely for S/C, S/T, and women entrepreneurs to square up within the line of MSME enterprises. Under this scheme, the entrepreneurs can take loans up to Rs.10.00 lakhs to Rs.1.00 crore. It directs bankers of the country to finance a minimum of one S/C or S/T and one woman businessperson from any caste. They have designed this theme specified Banks/ money establishments can finance beneath manufacturing/ service and commerce sectors for viable projects.

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 Entrepreneurs from S/C, S/T, and ladies’ classes were facing several challenges in setting up the MSME enterprise. 1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST  scheme has been launched to beat these challenges of the aforementioned classes of entrepreneurs. This theme provides every type of supports from time to time for creating a no-hit enterprise. This theme has been created eco-friendly to facilitate an improved supporting atmosphere for succeeding within the enterprises. They direct all regular business banks everywhere in the country to facilitate financial backing to categorized entrepreneurs.

The beneficiary of 1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST Scheme could apply within the following ways in which, for the finance, out there to their new enterprise.

1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST
1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST
  1. On to the Bank Branch of the spot.
  2. Through SIDBI`s Stand –up India Portal.
  3. To District Lead Manager.
  4. Through SIDBI`s Stand –up India Portal.
  5. To District Lead Manager.

The applicant may go to one of the above lines.

All the entrepreneurs need to apply on the 1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST, On Stand-up-India portal

for registration step by step because of the instruction provided by the portal. There could also be 8-10 questions regarding complete feedback and knowledge. As registered on the portal, there’ll appear two categories of entrepreneurs. It may assess the portal from home.

On Stand-up-India portal, it’s to use within the following way:-

  1. The borrower should fill in the complete address.
  2. Fill borrower`s caste category.
  3. Fill the nature of planned business.
  4. Fill about land availability.
  5. Fill in the finance required.
  6. The entrepreneur should be experienced in the line of activity.
  7. Help required-yes/no.
  8. Entrepreneur investments to fill in the planned business.
  9. Full details of present bank A/C.
  10. The requirement of skill training-yes/no.
  11. Submit the application.

It appears two categories of the entrepreneur on submission of the complete filled up applications on Stand Up India Scheme

1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST
1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST
  1. Ready Borrowers:– required no hand-holding support then click on ready borrowers. After registration, it will generate an application number which is electronically fed to the concerned bank, LDM of the concerned district, NABARD, and SIDBI for further support.
  2. Trainee borrowers:– required handholding support at every step from finance to line up the enterprise, then click on trainee borrowers. After registration here, no application number is generated but a link will be generated which is fed to LDM of the concerned district, NABARD, and SIDBI for further required support. It connects the SIBDI or NABARD for training support to the borrower. SIDBI and NABARD have 79 and 503 offices respectively for supporting the trainee borrowers. Trainee borrower at the time of registration is guided to go to the subsequent training centers:-
  3. For Finance Training:- to travel to the money attainment center.
  4. For Skill development:- to travel to the education center.
  5. For ADP coaching:- to travel to MSME-DIs/DIC/Rural self-employment training institute.
  6. For Workshop:- to travel to the DIC of the involved district.
  7. For Margin cash Training:- to travel at MSME-DI`s, State regular caste finance corporation, girls development Corporation, and KVIB offices.
  8. For Mentoring Support:- this is often for established entrepreneurs- he must go at DICCI, girls Entrepreneurs Association, and well established NGOs.
  9. For Utility Connections:- To go at utility suppliers.
  10. Project Profiles:- To go on the portal of SIDBI/NABARD/DIC.
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The business person ought to be SC/ST and/or girls in a 1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST


  1. He needs to be over eighteen years of AGE.
  2. This theme is for a brand new enterprise.
  3. It offers the theme just for viable Projects.
  4. Among the case of non-individual enterprises, line of the property and dominant stakes need to be command by either SC/ST and/or women bourgeois.
  5. The recipient shouldn’t be a defaulter to any bank or institution.

Silent options of the 1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST

1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST
1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST
  1. LDM of the involved district, SIDBI, and NABARD can work along for the answer to recipient issues and serving to him.
  2. The organization of Dalit Indian Chambers of Commerce and business and girls businessperson association can work for the betterment of the borrowers.
  3. Once the candidates can complete the satisfactory training program, it generates the application category on the Stand-up-India portal.

Silent feature of the 1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST scheme Portal

The aforementioned portal can facilitate its businessperson within the following manner:-

  1. The convenience of the application category.
  2. To assemble the knowledge from the borrowers and feed for serving to.
  3. Change Registration of borrowers.
  4. To supply a link for handholding support to the borrowers.
  5. Pursuit and watching the entire method for well-doing.
  6. Different facilities for Associate in Nursing finish to finish support.
  7. Coaching within the field of Technical and Finance.
  8. Margin cash support.
  9. Preparation of project report.
  10. Needed shed/workshop identification.
  11. Sourcing of raw materials.
  12. Bill discounting.
  13. Registration of E-commerce.
  14. Registration for taxations.

Nature of loan provided under 1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST Scheme

1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST
1.00 Crore Loan for SC ST

It provides a composite loan in place of a Term Loan and satisfies the price of mounted assets and raw materials.

  1. T/L and W/C loans are provided up to @75% of the overall project value and the rest @25% are met with borrowers.
  2. This is often for individual entrepreneurs. Within the case of the non-individual enterprise, margins are fifty-one percent, and bank finance will be simply forty-ninth percent.
  3. Repayments on the loan can begin for seven years once eighteen months of the moratorium amount.
  4. It issues a RuPay card to the receiver to facilitate the instant operation of the assets.
  5. If the promoter has all promptly invested within how then the promoter`s contribution is a lower facet and bank finance is higher facets.

About margin cash

  1.  The receiver has got to organize solely 100 percent of the project value from own resource and 2 hundredths margin cash (Subsidy) is provided by the State Govt.
  2. This condition can apply to its receiver UN agency has not taken any Govt. incentive beneath any theme.
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Collateral Security

This theme has conjointly been hooked up to the Credit Guarantee scheme.  The Terms and Conditions can apply to exist CGTMSE norms. The promoter has got to opt for the choice he either goes to the current theme or not. To travel beneath this theme the receiver has got to pay its fees.


Running Units

  1. DM can form the District Level Credit Committee with LDM and members of SIDBI and NABARD.
  2. It organizes a happening at the district level for finding the issues of borrowers for registrations on totally different facilities, bill discounting services, e-marketplaces, and taxation facilities.

Grievance Redressal

  1. It has provided this ability on the net portal of arising Republic of India theme. This facility provides the contact details of the several officers/ agencies with bank grievances.
  2. Complain from the receiver are oftentimes tracked and given feedback on the disposal of the criticism.
  3.  The concerned bank can create obtainable the criticism disposal info.

Some necessary options for the scheme

  1. Bank can facilitate the interested businessperson to assess the arise the Republic of India Portal.
  2. Bank ought to lose forwarded complete loan applications at intervals a pair of weeks for loan Rs.5.00 lakhs, three weeks for Rs.25.00 lakhs, and VI week’s loan higher than Rs.25.00 lakhs.
  3. It’s the borrower’s responsibility to reply to any or all the queries raised relating to the loan sanction and disbursal.
  4. He has got to submit all the documents needed by the bank relating to loans.
  5.  The receiver should attend the event organized at the district level for expertise sharing and his problem-solving.
  6. SIDBI can generate a link with LDM for finding the potential cases.
  7. NABARD can organize district level events.
  8. SIDBI can organize handholding support to novice borrowers.
  9. LDM can monitor all cases of the involved District.
  10. LDM can organize the DLCC conferences.
  11. For potential borrowers, LDM can sensitize the bankers.


Apply on the stand-up India Portal. This portal provides info to the receiver on numerous styles of support.



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