10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

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10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs In India | Forbes India

With no support, women in business have proven that they can take a company ahead of themselves. India has always been a favorite place for trade and business. With a favorable climate, affordable facilities, and a large amount of manpower, India has become the center of increasing commerce day by day. And while it is prospering from the business front, our Indian10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs have left no stone unturned to make the most of it. Here we discuss the top 10 successful women entrepreneurs.

With no support, women in business have proven that taking a company ahead of themselves is not beyond their imagination.

In a country like India, where some Indian women are more neglected, there are some who have increased more. Thanks to these powerful women, they struggled, faced challenges, and made their way to the top list of entrepreneurs in India. It has not only helped society financially but has also done a lot in terms of highlighting the potential that a woman has.

Let us tell you about 10 successful women entrepreneurs of India, who have proved that if a woman decides, she can rule the world.

  1. Vandana Luthra – Founder, VLCC-10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Meet Vandana Luthra, the Woman Who Changed the Wellness Industry and Made VLCC a Household Name

VLCC is a beauty and wellness giant and has spread its empire in 11 countries in Asia, Africa, and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). It is widely recognized for its therapeutic approach to weight loss solutions and beauty treatments. A one-stop solution for every aesthetic query, VLCC has a staff strength of over 4,000 professionals, including medical practitioners, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and cosmetologists, and serves over five million consumers (including repeat consumers).

The founder of VLCC, Vandana Luthra has been awarded the Padma Shri in 2013 for her contributions and has been listed as the 33rd most powerful woman in business in India by Fortune India in 2015. Along with these accolades, he was also appointed as the chairman. The beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council was set up by the Government of India. In addition, she is a general body member of Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi. The steering committee and sub-committee on Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana are constituted by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of India as an active member.

But nothing happens in a day. Vandana and VLCC did not happen overnight. Initially a homemaker, Vandana began her journey in 1989 when one of her two daughters was only 3 years old today a grandmother of three children, Vandana still lives her dream.

Recalling her days of struggle-10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

“When I started, there were hardly any women entrepreneurs in India. It was a male-dominated environment. I faced a lot of criticism, a lot of people tried to make sure that I didn’t succeed and keep on growing. I only believed that my concept was unique, unusual, and is being introduced in India for the first time.”

“It took me five to six years to convince Medical Fertility that wellness was a large domain and required the collaboration of beauty, health, and fitness experts; In other words, a cosmetologist, a nutritionist, and a doctor. Eventually, I did manage to convince them.”

  1. Suchi Mukherjee – Founder and CEO, LimeRoad-10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Suchi Mukherjee Biography - Founder & CEO of LimeRoad | Awards | Story

Suchi always envisions manufacturing and growing businesses that are focused on simple yet in-demand consumer products. It is said that the idea of ​​Limeroad came to her while she was on maternity leave.

He started the journey of making Limeroad in 2012 with Manish Saxena, Ankush Mehra, and Prasad Malik. The company has now raised $20 million in funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, and Tiger Global. Limeroad has a strong team of 200+ IIT techies for NIFT-design geeks. It has 1.5 million scrapbooks posted by users so far, and 100,000 scrapbooks created per day. Their Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) has also grown by a massive 600% since its launch.

Nevertheless, Suchi and his colleagues faced several challenges, such as finding the right people, having the combination of skill and will, to find the right kind of infrastructure to build a strong team. The most troublesome part for Suchi and her team is to ensure a continuous stream of products, amidst the number of n-constraints like complex bank processes, payment methods, and net gateways for refunds, delivering unique products at affordable prices. Had to partner with vendors. The existing ecosystem is a daunting task for professionally trained vendors. But as determined to achieve what she had dreamed of, nothing could hold her back.

  1. Richa Kar – Co-Founder, Zivame-10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Zivame Co-founder, CEO Richa Kar Biography, Net Worth, Story, Marriage, Husband | Youth Developers

Richa is the proud founder of the online lingerie store Zivame, which is derived from the Hebrew word “Ziva” meaning shine, and Zivame meaning “radiant me”. It has practically changed the way women think and wear their innerwear. Zivame has been successful in educating Indian women across the country about wearing innerwear.

Richa, who bravely removed shyness from lingerie and fashioned it, grew up in Jamshedpur and completed her engineering at BITS Pilani. He did a brief stint in the IT industry and later earned a master’s degree from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in 2007. Subsequently, he worked with a retailer and global technology company.

About the idea of ​​selling innerwear online in India,

she says,“It was around March when I realized that there is high growth in orders during Valentine’s Day sales period. Almost a quarter of the sales of the lingerie maker was done online.”

When this thought entered his heart, there was no looking back. With an initial investment of Rs 30 lakhs, from friends and family, Zivame.com went online. He faced a lot of apprehension and trouble telling his family and others about his business. But she was determined to rise above all, which she certainly did.

  1. Falguni Nair – Founder and CEO, Nykaa-10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Falguni Nair: Latest News, Photos and Videos on Falguni Nair - ABP Majha

Think of the woman who is an alumnus of IIM-A, former MD of Kotak Mahindra Capital Company, mother of two children, and fifty years old. Now put yourself in their place and think, do you want to start a dynamic e-commerce business or lead a happy life ahead?

Some women were not like Falguni. As the saying goes, it is never too late, Falguni quit her job at Kotak to become a successful beauty entrepreneur, where everything was going just right.

Today, Nykaa sells over 35,000 products from 650 brands, both international and Indian, luxury and mass, and is constantly adding new labels to its stock. According to the news, TVS Capital has invested around Rs 25 crore and they have got a C-Series worth Rs 60 crore. C-funding is a group of investors, which includes high net worth individuals, non-resident Indians (NRIs), and family offices. In addition, it receives 15,000 orders a day, mostly from consumers between the age group of 22 to 35 years.

  1. Vani Kola – Founder and Managing Director, Kalaari Capital

Inspiring Success Story of Vani Kola - The Mother of Venture Capitalism in India

I am sure, many of you might not know this woman very well. Vani Kola is the one who has a solid reputation for selecting the best young minds and mentoring them to build successful enterprises. Ever wondered where investments for startups like Snapdeal, Myntra, VIA, Apps Daily, Urban Ladder, Zivame, Power2SME, and Bluestone came from?

Well, she is called the “Mother of Venture Capitalism in India”. According to their own website, below are 5 things to know about them,

Even after spending 22 years in America, it took him two months to decide to come back to India.

His daughters are his inspiration. 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Being in a high-intensity profession, she needs to maintain her stance and she does so by meditating.

When other 16-year-olds were giving their SSC exams, they enrolled for an engineering degree.

Studying was never his only goal, he also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and won many marathons.

This unique woman has been featured in several books and recognized as Fortune’s Most Powerful Woman in Business. She has been a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for 22 years and now works with first-time entrepreneurs to build strong global companies. She focuses on technology companies taking advantage of India’s domestic growth to create high-growth enterprises.

The name Kalari Capital is derived from Kalaripayattu, a form of martial art that originated in Kerala. This form is known for its power, artistry, creativity, collaboration, focus, and fast-moving movements. With a total of 55 investments and around 2,000 offers in a year, Kalaari Capital has become India’s leading investor in the early-stage business. It not only invests but also takes care of entrepreneurs in every aspect of growth and leads them to success.

Not afraid of failures, stereotypes, and strides towards success, Vani says,

“It is true; Silicon Valley is a vibrant place full of ideas and possibilities. When I started my company (Right Works Corp.), I was ready to accept failure.”

  1. Pranshu Patni – Co-Founder, Culture Alley (Hello English)

Co-founder Of CultureAlley, Pranshu Patni Cautions Tech Startups From Over Marketing

The startup launched its English language learning application in October 2014. The English app has seen 3 million installs on Android from India in eight months. They recently raised $6 million from Tiger Global and Kai Capital.

Learning an alien language is not easy but a mandatory task, at least when it requires an hour. Pranshu came to know about this when her husband had gone to China for an exchange program. Since he was a vegetarian, it was imperative to learn basic Mandarin to convince the local people of his food preferences.

This idea got him thinking and analyzing, and he decided to quit his job and focus on his entrepreneurial dream and started Hello English (CultureAlley is the parent company). Pranshu and his team have since done extensive research on the idea and initially thought of creating an app that would help people learn different foreign languages. But something changed his mind.

“A billion people try to learn a foreign language every year; About 60 percent are learning English.”

Therefore, he developed a free app that can help native Indian speakers learn English in the most effective way possible. The team hired language experts from Oxford University, who specialized in each of the languages ​​supported by Hello English, to help with the app as well as local experts. As a result, the app was developed from the point of view of the user. It also has a bilingual dictionary, available in 22 languages, with 475 interactive lessons and games for reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Pranshu and his idea have given him some badges to prove his excellence. which are the most important

2015: For making an app under 30 list of Forbes India which is one of the top 10 educational apps in the world.

2014: Received Most Innovative Mobile App for India Award from Internet and Mobile Association of India.

2016: Received the Most Innovative Mobile App for India from the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

2016: Best Apps of 2016 in the ‘Made in India’ category by Google Play Store.

2017: Number # 3 Educational App on Google Play Store in India.

  1. Shraddha Sharma – Founder and CEO, YourStory

Shraddha Sharma: Biography, Upcoming Movies, Songs, Photos, Videos, Awards & Latest News

One of the most successful women entrepreneurs today, Shraddha Sharma mastered the art of storytelling with a unique idea the concept. In his interview, he emphasized the three points given below-

  1. Most of the defining moments in our lives are shaped by the adversities we face and overcome. They will continue to shape who we are. Let’s accept adversity.
  2. I have a story. You have a story. Everyone has a story. Be bold and share your story. If you’re not happy with your current story, go ahead and change what you need to do to make a better story.
  3. Let’s start listening and learning from the stories of others, people who have faced and overcome adversity. They will help us think better and, in turn, shape our stories in powerful ways. If you’re looking for a starting point, we have over 15,000 stories on our website.

Shraddha Sharma is bringing to the world today stories from completely diverse backgrounds.

  1. Upasana Taku – Co-Founder, Mobikwik-10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Upasana Taku Success Story | Co- Founder of Mobikwik

As a Kashmiri by blood and an alma mater in Gujarat, Upasana has consistently struggled to rise to the top. They worked on their wedding day, shared home-cooked meals with a team of 5, renounced the lavish lifestyle, patiently ignored gender bias, and faced many challenges only to give back to their motherland. Of course, she was calling on the entrepreneur from within but also wanted it to be of interest to others.

He left a promising career in Silicon Valley, only to be given financial access to the underserved in his country. She did not look back until she founded MobiKwik with her husband in 2009.

Talking about her company, she says,

“Mobikwik was very simple and need-based. We launched MobiKwik as a recharge platform and soon, it became the mobile wallet of every Indian. I take pride in saying that MobiKwik was India’s first mobile wallet. We are heavily dependent on trivial amounts to either change or pay for mobile recharge. With the invention of MobiKwik, one can easily make these payments without worrying about real cash. That’s why your phone acts as your wallet.”

Elaborating on her journey, she says, “Tapas is the key. When you start something new, the ecosystem doesn’t accept you easily, people say no. It took us 10 months to get the first bank for wallet loading, while the second took 15 days. It took us 3-4 months to get our first few top traders in 2014. Within 3-4 months we started with eBay, Domino’s, and other big platforms.”

  1. Shahnaz Hussain – CEO, Shahnaz Herbals-10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

10 Shanaz Hussain Beauty Tips For Skin Pigmentation

Shehnaaz was married when she was a teenager and soon became a mother too. Recalling that time, she says,

“When I turned 16, my daughter was one month old. She was like a little toy doll to me and then as she got older, we became best friends too. He attended junior school and I attended senior school. We shared everything.”

But she always knew that she would not spend the rest of her life as a housewife. She fought against all odds and eventually became a brand in herself. She is known as the “Queen of Herbal Beauty Care” and was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2006. She is India’s foremost businessman, having run her business in 138 countries, with around 600 franchises and associated clinics across the world.

While she was specializing in cosmetology and trichology, she dealt with several skin disorders and discovered that most of them were a result of the incorporation of synthetic products. That’s when Shahnaz thought that she would start a herbal clinic.

With a minimum investment of Rs 37,000 from his father, he started his own salon in 1977 on the porch of his house in Delhi. Fortunately, he had his technology from abroad and was ready to fly.

With a completely new concept of “Care and Cure”, along with manufacturing their own Ayurvedic products, they have established Shahnaz Herbals Inc. (Shahnaz Herbals Inc.)

  1. Sairi Chahal – Founder and CEO, SHEROES-10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Clueless about how to become a career woman? Sairee Chahal of Sheroes has a way for you-Business News , Firstpost

The CEO and Founder of Sheroes, Sairee is not only an inspiration to other women but has also worked hard to make a direct impact by finding jobs for them. She is a finalist for the 2012 Cartier Woman Award Initiative, an Aspen Fellow, nominated for Editor’s Choice for the L’Oréal Femina Woman Award, featured in India Today, and a mother content to put her laurels to rest Haven’t. She is constantly moving towards the mutual development of women and their full inclusion in the workplace.

Sairee said in a recent interview at Tech in Asia that,

“The idea for SHEROES came from the observation that I was surrounded by too many women who had left their career choices behind for social responsibilities [like raising a family]. I just want to show them that there is no need to end this road.”

Sairee, a former journalist, is currently conducting a “Sheroes Summit” to connect women professionals with businesses in major Indian cities.

She adds, “The push towards a Digital India is a watershed moment for all educated women in the country. Digital access is a boon for those who cannot join a 9 to 5 job yet want to continue their career.”

Her strong initiatives have helped over 1,000,000 women across the country from various backgrounds. Shero is being used by over 2000 corporates with a presence in 65 cities. According to Nasscom, there was a 50 percent increase in women joining the start-up ecosystem as compared to last year.

SHEROES is not just about finding a job, it is much more than that. It is totally a community, where a woman is safe, free to speak her mind, take help from experts, read and inform about every aspect of life, and many more like her. Can connect with women.

After researching these wonderful women, and reading and hearing their success stories, I am sure that a woman doesn’t need any support to become something. He has it all, the only thing that needs to be done is to start the journey, and never lose hope!

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