5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India
5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India
5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

Here we are telling you about some new top 5 youngest entrepreneurs of India who made a big splash in the year 2019. In this list, one is Tilak Mehta.

Tilak Mehta is one of 5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

India Maritime Awards Acknowledges Tilak Mehta For Learning Mumbai As The Youngest Entrepreneur - BW Education
5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

There is no doubt that Tilak Mehta is the youth sensation of this year. If you don’t know this young boy from Mumbai, you probably haven’t read the news article where there is all the news about this prodigy kid running his own company named “Paper n Parcel”.

At the young age of 13, this gentleman is a businessman, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and tycoon of successful businesses. The idea started when he was in urgent need of some books from the other end of the city. His father came home tired after work one day, so he could not ask him for a book and could not go anywhere himself.

It was from here that Tilak’s idea of ​​starting such a startup hit home, where delivery could be ensured from one end of the city to the other in a single day. They decided to start a startup dedicated to carrying paper and small parcels within Mumbai for intra-day delivery. A boy from the city of dreams successfully proceeded with his passion and built a huge empire.

“The only difference between a rich and a poor man is that a poor man knows how to use money, but an entrepreneur knows how to double it. Time is the same for everyone; some know how to use it while others know how to waste it.”

Advaita Thakur is one of 5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

Advait Thakur - Leader Biography
5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

A 15-year-old Indian tech prodigy Advait Thakur started using computers at the age of six and launched his first website only at the age of nine and has been working with Google’s AI and cloud platform for a few years now. Huh, Advait Thakur is an Indian computer programmer and teenage Internet entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Apex Infosys India and is currently its Chief Executive Officer. He is a Google, Bing, and HubSpot Certified Professional. Was ranked fourth on Wikia’s 2017 list of Young Entrepreneurs under 20.

If seen, Advaita is different from Average Pre-Teen League. In 2015, at the age of twelve, he founded Apex Infosys India, a technology company that is now a recognized domain name registrar and an organization that provides digital solutions. Apex Infosys India is also mainly involved in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT Sectors.

Priyanshu Ratnakar

Priyanshu Ratnakar: A boy aiming to secure the cyber world through his skill set!
5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

Priyanshu Ratnakar, a 17-year-old boy, is one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs working in the field of cyberspace. Priyanshu hails from a small town in Bihar where education opportunities are scarce, but he never let any problem stand in the way of his learning.

Priyanshu is a self-made programmer who started learning Microsoft DOS in 3rd grade and became an expert in most of the programming languages ​​in 8th grade. Moving forward, Priyanshu shifted his focus toward cyber security during the 9th standard when the number of internet users in India started increasing rapidly.

Inspired by the path taken by people like Ratan Tata and Kevin Mitnick, Priyanshu Ratnakar started his own startup ‘Protocol X’ to provide web and app development services. Initially, when his startup didn’t get much response, he decided not to give up.

His hard work and courage to stay motivated helped him to rejuvenate his business and soon he got more than 40+ certificates and five awards for his entrepreneurship journey. As of now, he is working on hot IT technologies like AI and ML, which intends to help curb the menace of cyber attacks and hacking in India.

Akhilendra Sahu

Akhilendra Sahu, World's Youngest Serial Entrepreneur
5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

At the age of 17, Akhilendra Sahu (Young Indian Entrepreneur) is the Founder and CEO of ASTNT Technologies Pvt Ltd and Technical Next Technologies. ASTNT India Based Company Provides Services Like Digital Marketing, Website Development, App Development SEO, And Technical Next Technologies Provides Best Webhosting Solution in India. Akhilendra has many sub-brands and apps that are published on the Google play store. Akhilendra has been ranked the No. 1 web designer in Madhya Pradesh India.

Rohit Kashyap

Story of an 18-year-old, small town boy from Bihar, CEO of Maytree School Entrepreneurship
5 Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

Rohit Kashyap Founder and CEO of Mystery School of Entrepreneurship. He started his journey from the small town of Bihar, where he did not have proper resources, yet he managed to clear the Olympiad and was within 1000 rank in commerce wizard of ICAI. Rohit is also an Influencer on Quora and millions of people read his answers regularly. He started his first startup when he was just 14 years old and has raised two rounds of funding. Several cabinet ministers, including IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, have praised his work.

I hope you will come to know about the 5 youngest entrepreneurs of India.

Thanks for reading this post.

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