Air Bubble Sheet Manufacturing

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Air Bubble Sheet Manufacturing

Air Bubble Sheet Manufacturing
Air Bubble Sheet Manufacturing


In today’s post, we learn about Air bubble sheet manufacturing for electronic products packing with wrapping purposes. We learn here each and everything related to the Air Bobble Sheet manufacturing.

Air Bubble Sheet is used for wrapping the goods while packing. You must have seen, price items like mobile phones, computer screens, clocks are covered with plastic sheets with such bubbles. Because of which they can be taken anywhere safely. Even if any item falls on the ground, there is no harm to it. The air bubble sheet-making business is a business related to the packing industry. According to one figure, the market of packing industries in India is more than 11500 crores, which is growing at the rate of 18 percent annually.

Many small and big companies are preparing bubble sheets. But due to its increasing demand day by day, they are not able to fulfill it. In view of the increasing demand for bubble sheets, starting air bubble sheet manufacturing is a good option for new businessmen.

What is Air Bubble Sheet?

An air bubble sheet is a transparent plastic wrap used for packing, in which small air-filled bubbles are made. Due to the air being filled on the plastic sheet, the sheet becomes padded.

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Before starting air bubble sheet manufacturing, know about it thoroughly. There are many types of plastic bubble sheets. This variation is based on the size of the air bubbles that are filled in the plastic sheet. The size and shape of the bubbles depend on the weight of the item. There is a difference in the bubble size of the bubble sheet used in the packing of a computer screen and the bubble sheet used in the packing of a mobile.

Use of Air Bubble Sheet

Bubble sheets are used for wrapping and packaging valuables such as electronics, electrical, medicines, surgical items, glass items, valuable showpieces, expensive household items, machinery, automobiles, spare parts, and other materials so that they can be used for shipping procedures. To be protected from scratches and damages during. Nowadays bubble sheet is being used the most for the packaging of goods in e-commerce and related business. Because this type of sheet is light in weight and protects against water and moisture as well as it does not have any kind of alkali or acid effect.

Machines and Raw Materials for Air Bubble Sheet manufacturing

PE Air Bubble Film Machine
Air Bubble Sheet Manufacturing

An automatic bubble sheet-making machine is required to start air bubble sheet manufacturing. There are many sections in the machine itself. Low-density polythene is used as the raw material for air bubble sheet manufacturing. The sheet made from this is water-resistant and atmospheric resistant.

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Low-density polythene granules are put into the hopper of the extruder. Where the grains start melting and due to pressure turn into plastic sheets. The plastic is moved from the extruder to the die, where the layers of the plastic are converted into rings, where the measurements of the width of the bubble sheet, etc., are adjusted.


In the dye, two layers of thickness are formed simultaneously. After that, both these layers are extended to the third sector i.e., towards the roll finisher. By the way, they are generally made of stainless steel, so they are also called stainless steel rolls. Where air bubbles thermos format are prepared on one roller and due to increased pressure on the second layer, air bubbles also get laminated. During this, many processes are done simultaneously by the roller. After the bubble sheet is completely ready, it is cooled through a cooling roller. And after that they are winded. The cost of this machine is around 25 to 40 lakhs.

Marketing of Air Bubble Sheet

Like I have already said that nowadays e-commerce companies pack their goods with bubble sheets so that their goods are saved from getting damaged. First of all contact all the e-commerce companies in your city. Tell them about your business. Apart from this, you can contact the manufacturing company of electronic items like mobile, clock, mixer, iron, etc., and companies producing toys, utensils, medicine, ceramics, clay items, and showpieces. Where they can take orders in bulk.

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Apart from this, you can find out by visiting your city or nearby industrial area because there are many other items for which bubble plastic sheet is used for packing. Movers and packers can contact the companies. For this, the cooperation of marketing companies can also be taken.

Process of manufacturing

License and Registration for Air Bubble Sheet Manufacturing

To start the business of making air bubble sheets in India, one has to first register the company with ROC, apply for a business license, and GST registration. With this, you can register your brand name. Also, NOC will have to be obtained from the State Pollution Control Board.


I hope you have understood the air bubble sheet manufacturing well. Any questions in your mind you can happily comment in the comment box.

Thanks for reading this post.


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