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Beekeeping (apiculture)near me is a large-scale business in today’s time, it is one of those enterprises to start more profit with minimum investment. Beekeeping is done by both natural and artificial methods. If all the favorable conditions and environment are available, beekeeping can prove to be a very effective business for honey.

Humans have been using honey obtained from bees since ancient times, honey is a high-energy food item. Honey contains glucose, fructose, sucrose, mineral salts, etc. It is used as medicine and as a preservative. The wax obtained from the beehives is called Bee Wax.

This wax is used in creams, floors polishes, boot polishes, and sculptures. At present, honey is obtained by keeping artificial bees.

How works these species of bees

Social Insect Bee- There are differences in the form and function of bees. There are three types of bees in the hive of a bee, queen, male, and worker. The queen bee is recognized for its long abdomen and the male for its large eyes.

The queen bee dominates in the roofs. The queen controls the roofs by secreting an odorous substance. The queen always stays on the roofs.

By mating flight with the queen bee, the male flies provide sperm to the queen bee for the rest of her life. After this, the male flies die automatically or they are thrown out of the roofs.


The queen bee lays two types of eggs. The formation of a worker or queen from fertilized eggs depends on the difference in the nutrient. The larvae that are fed a nutritious substance called royal jelly transform into queen bees.

The first formed queen bee kills the remaining modified queen bees. That is, only one queen bee can become in one roof. Males are formed from unfertilized eggs.

The main species of bees are Apis mellifera, Apis dorseta, Apis fluori, and Apis indica. Of these, Apis mellifera is used for beekeeping.

Closed box-shaped artificial roofs are made for artificial beekeeping. Artificial roofs have large egg chambers and metal or plastic plates.

There is a layer of wax on the plates and they act as the base for the construction of roofs. Closed boxes have many holes through which bees can enter.

Artificial bees are placed around a garden or field, where they can get nectar. Worker bees collect nectar from flowers and turn it into honey. When honey is collected in the brackets of the roof, honey is obtained by removing the plates from the roof.

What is Bee Keeping Near Me

Bees are reared for honey, pollen, wax, etc. It is an agricultural industry. Honey bees store the sap of flowers in the form of honey in the hive.

In the olden days, there was a tradition of collecting honey from dense forests. The rapidly increasing demand for honey and its low availability in the forests have kept beekeeping an established enterprise an attractive and profitable system.

Benefits of beekeeping Near Me

There are many benefits of beekeeping in today’s time. Employment opportunities are obtained from the production of flower sap, pollen, wax, honey, royal jelly, and monstrous poison.


By doing this with the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, many times more profit can be earned. The demand for honey is increasing continuously in the market. Honey is useful in controlling tuberculosis, asthma, constipation, anemia, and blood pressure diseases.

Mouni venom obtained from beekeeping is used to make medicines for gout, bash, and cancer. Other products Royal Jelly helps eliminate tumors, increase memory and aging.

Beekeeping can be started with less time, less cost. Low-income farmer families can start this business along with their farming. There are no harmful effects of this business on the environment.

Beekeeping is also an effective way to increase the production of various flowers and fruits. Any individual or group can earn profit by starting a beekeeping business with a small setup.

History of Beekeeping/Apiculture near me


There has been a tradition of collecting honey from forests for centuries. In which some tribals and tribes used to do the work of collecting honey instead of systematic beekeeping.

This work is done in almost the same way everywhere in the world. Honey is collected by driving away from the bees by smoking in the forest. After finishing traditionally, it was sold in the market.

The beginning of the scientific method of modern beekeeping is considered to be from Europe in the late 18th century. In the year 1789, a Swiss citizen named Huber worked for the first time in the direction of beekeeping, he made a wooden frame and made grooves in it like the pages of a book.

In 1851 an American pastor made a frame by leaving an 8 mm gap in the middle of the hive in which the bees could easily build the hive. After this, the power of wax came into existence in 1857. In Austria, a device for extracting honey was invented in 1865 by Major D. Hruska.


In the year 1882, Koulin made a barrier mesh which became very effective in the field of honey production. In this way, the techniques in the field of Apiculture in different regions of the world got advanced and its modern form was used all over the world.

Beekeeping in India

The ancient Vedic and Buddhist texts find a mention about beekeeping in India. Its pictures are seen in many stone paintings. The introduction of modern methods of beekeeping in the country started in the second half of the 19th century.

Some records of the early 19th century also contain descriptions of beekeeping for war. Since independence, beekeeping was also encouraged through various development programs.

Five best species are found in the country for commercial production of beeswax and honey. In the year 1938-39, the All India Beekeeping Association was established in the country. Later, training in beekeeping was also started in many educational institutions of the country.

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