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We have known that the coronavirus has come as an epidemic. But in my knowledge, it is a biological weapon made by some country keeping in mind to become an economic power in the world.

SYMPTOMS of coronavirus biological weapons

In this disease, it appears in the human body like an infection in throat and there is so much phlegm in the throat that it starts to have trouble breathing. Slowly the larynx is completely blocked and the man cannot take a breath and his end is achieved.

WHAT TO DO for coronavirus a biological weapons

As far as my knowledge is concerned, I am sharing it. This disease infects those people whose disease resistance is weak, or who is a patient of the prolonged disease. Such people as sugar patients, blood pressure patients, heart patients or old men coming forward, soon infected by COVID-19.



Not only this, those whose immunity is very strong, even if they come in contact with an infected person, are also infected but still, it disappears. It is a different matter that they do not see the symptoms soon, but the virus starts to weaken the immunity inside the body, if the diet is according to a balanced diet then it may not be visible for a long time or the virus whether a cause ends or after a long time, the person himself gets infected and also infects the entire family. But this man comes in contact with a person whose immunity will be weak, that person gets infected when there is no appearance of symptoms of COVID-19 in his.


So, stay away from any person whether infected or not. Rather stay in your homes because if you go out and come in contact with people, then you come home with a death certificate for the whole family.

ORIGINE of coronavirus a biological weapons


This virus has come from the country which created the virus as a biological weapon and wants to overtake the economically sound country and establish its monopoly on the world. A large number of people were infected by offering money by the same country and sent to all such countries of the world that were in the hit list, or say that it was an economically strong country. But the truth has been said that the first person who digs a pit for others falls in that pit. This is the reason why that country too was hit by this virus.

TREATMENT OF coronavirus a biological weapons

Today, all the scientists of the world, more than one doctor, are also nuts in front of this virus. It has become like an unsolved riddle. So far, only medicine has come to the fore that people should stay away from each other because it does not know that in which person the insects of the virus are hidden.

THE NATURE coronavirus a biological weapons

It can be said that it is also an outbreak of nature, no matter who has the hand behind it, but there should be no hesitation in calling it a natural outbreak, that is, the stick of God. We are mercilessly piercing holes with nature, wherever the forests are being cut down, then some mountains are being cut. Not only this, but the land is also being exploited, even under thousands of feet of land is being emptied. Weight is increasing on the ground and the ground is being dug. All this nature is running a small campaign to downing its weights causes increasing weight on the ground

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“A lot of atrocities cut down forests, forest trees.”

Withstand, withstand this is the hit of nature “

GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR coronavirus a biological weapons


The governments of all countries are working tirelessly to protect the people of their country. Governments are also spending a lot of money, reaching all the material to the poor. Every one of the doctors of the country, people of all administration, leaving their families in their homes, are standing with the government and spent the rest of the day in defense of the country, rather say that we are serving you and the lives of infected people are trying to escape. Due to which some doctors also succumbed to this virus and left the family to cry. The world’s most powerful country or simply say that the economic power of the world, they have also failed in front of this virus and a lot of people of the same place have become the most beloved of the virus. This is the same for every country. No country remained untouched by this disease. The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, who is at the forefront of saving his countrymen, will also be appreciated for protecting his countrymen. By the time he took the first step, India would have been virus free by now. But under a plan, people were united by a foreign man of a particular caste and the people were infected and transmitted to every city, town, even every corner of India, and the virus was spread such that India too becomes like other countries. The stuff is suffering.

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Due to this disease, the infected country went back almost 10 years. The actual data will be known only after the disease is over, but it will not be enough to say that every country has suffered a loss of millions of dollars.

THE CONCLUSION OF coronavirus a biological weapons

I have heard and you must have also heard that the food is given to poor people. It is a fact that those people like the Prince or the minister to whom the foods are given after checking with the doctors, people likewise carried the virus. This virus does not recognize rich or poor, this virus does not recognize strong or weak, this virus does not recognize the species – it does not recognize the species, it does not recognize the low base, it does not recognize the edge-base and it does not recognize the powered or powerless.

MY REQUEST is given coronavirus a biological weapons

I have a firm request to all of you that wherever you are, staying at your homes, do not go out. Don’t know in which street, someone should stand up as death for you and your family. Strictly follow the rules given by the government and help the people who are struggling to save your life at the request of our government. You can become a companion of the government only and only by staying at home.

THE ULTIMATE TRUTH ABOUT coronavirus biological weapons

In all cities, villages, and towns, there should be performed HAWAN for twenty-four hours a week, then this coronavirus will escape from any country. It should be done for our country’s lives.

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