Coronavirus self isolation tips part 3

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Coronavirus self-isolation tips part 3

coronavirus tips for self isolation
coronavirus tips for self isolation


What causes COVID-19 is based on the current understanding of this virus, which we know of coronavirus in general. This virus is mostly spread in a person. Like the common cold, it is spread by droplets, which often occur when a person coughs or sneezes. When exposed to someone (within 6 feet) a person who is ill can be exposed. People are considered to be the most contagious when symptoms occur. There have been reports of people getting sick after coming into contact with someone with no symptoms (asymptomatic), but this is not believed to be the main method of the virus spreading in the community. so, we should be self-isolated. This post has explained for self-isolation tips.

1- Bring out the board games:

At some point in our lives, we all stopped playing board games, and now they’re probably collecting dust sitting on a shelf. Well, maybe this is the time to clean them and bring them back. Board-games are a good way to involve the whole family, whether they are children, adults, or even teenagers! This can be a fun spectacle until one of the boards turns over and ends!


2- Complete a puzzle: during Coronavirus self-isolation tips part 3

coronavirus tips for self isolation
coronavirus tips for self isolation

There is a puzzle lying around the house of all of us, for which we never get time. Well, we think Riddle should finally see the light of day. You can do it alone or help your family. It’s not like the biggest puzzle in the world, but you can finally be around to complete that puzzle

3- Bake some remedies:

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked cookies or brownies at home. If you decide to bake some behaviors in self-isolation, no one will object. Use it as therapy and bake some sweet or salty goodies for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy.

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4- Listen to the podcast:

Everyone is using isolation for their benefit, and it is safe to say that you will never have an easy time knowing what to listen to. Whether it be some horror stories, an inspirational talk, or a podcast listening comedy podcast can be a great way to pass a few hours or multitask and it will also keep your brain stimulated.

5- Watch an informative documentary:

Not all of us are capable of working remotely but this does not mean that our intelligence should be compromised. There are other ways to expand our learning, and watching an informative documentary may be one of them. Whether it is about animals, the natural world, or some part of history, documentaries can be a productive way to spend your time.

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6- Netflix to your heart’s content:

You are constantly adding your Netflix list to watch and it keeps growing. There are a lot of movies and shows that you want to watch, but could not spare time for. Well, this is the perfect time to clear that list, so it’s fresh and clean for the new season! Watch Netflix when you want to – in self-isolation – no one can stop you

7- Sing on your balcony:

We have all seen videos of Italy and Spain where people in isolation come to sing, dance, and play instruments on their balconies. It includes the entire community. Well, who says that only Europeans can remove it? Go to your balcony with an instrument, sing out your favorite song, or dance for everyone. But if you hear all in reply then don’t blame us “Shut up!”


8- Nap: during Coronavirus, self-isolation tips part 3

Need we say more? We all look for a chance to nap for hours since having children. No amount of sleep at night can match a nap when you are tired of sitting on the couch. To nap as much as you can this is the best time when you can.


9 – Sell unused items on the Internet:

When you were demolishing or reorganizing your home, did you find things you had not been using for a long time, or that you have never used? Why do they have trouble staying and moving around? Sell ​​them online through any site such as eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist, or a local sales website. This can be another good way to get your hands well-needed cash.

10- Play the game with your family:

Perhaps it is time to return to the Internet age, of landline and self-entertainment. Keep your family busy with some heartfelt games, making sure to leave everyone laughing. Be it a Marco polo, hide and seek, card stacking, chess, checkers, a hula hoop contest, or any other game you can enjoy as a child. Whether or not you have children in the family can be a fun way to spend some time together.

11.   Play Games Online: during Coronavirus, self-isolation tips part 3

coronavirus tips for self isolation
coronavirus tips for self isolation

we can enjoy online gaming with an expensive console. Many games can be downloaded to your phone or laptop that allows you to play with strangers on the Internet or even with your friends. This can be a good way to spend time with your friends when you can’t see them face to face.

12- Indulgence in arts and crafts:

If you have children at home, arts and crafts are a fun way to get everyone involved. Perhaps there are some pending Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts that need to be made. A little paper, glue, and some colors speak of arts and crafts. Art and crafts have many mature forms. For example, jewelry making, papier mache, origami, crochet, and macrame.


13- Have a picnic:

No one can stop you from visiting your gardens. Grab a basket, make some sandwiches, and head out for a nice family picnic. This can be a fun outdoor activity without actually going out. Play some outdoor games and games like baseball or Frisbee, and make it fun for everyone.

14- Out of camp:

Expanding on the picnic idea, perhaps you too can camp without actually going anywhere. Plant some tents in your own backyard, gather your family, and melt some marshmallows over a small fire. Tell ghost stories to each other, and you might even see some stars due to quarantine due to pollution.

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15- Photo Sunset and Sunrise:

Photography can be a hobby or career for many people, and when we find ourselves isolated in our homes, the photography subject might not be as easy. However, you should not stop keeping it. Take a picture of the sunset, sunrise, and scenery from your own home and garden so that it does not have to stop.

16 – Do a photo-shoot:

You might not have a perfect view of the sunset or sunrise, or maybe you just don’t enjoy photographing them, but that doesn’t mean your photography should be kept in isolation. There are a lot of photography hacks on the internet that can create interesting backgrounds and lighting to successfully turn your photo-shoot.

17- Go to Edit:

If you are a professional or aspiring photographer, there is no doubt that you will probably have a phone or PC full of photos that you probably have not given time to edit. This may now be a good time to open it and find your favorite. Give chance to enjoy everyone by posting somewhere with editing them. If you have many lots of old photos in your drawers then you should order photo albums online and organize all these photos. You will be sorry to see those albums whenever you want, you will be sorry. Digital photography is very good but it is so cute to see through the old pictures album!

18- Play a prank on your family:

Some laughs here and can lighten the mood. Play a friendly prank on the people around you. We mean there is no fear of your death or anything serious, but if you feel bad, you can really upset people by changing the Wi-Fi password!

19- Practice your makeup skills:

Practicing makeup on your own can be difficult, especially when you are going for a professional look. Your sisters probably don’t let you practice on them during their normal routines that claim to be “too busy”. Well, now they have no excuse! This may be the best time to get hold of one of your family to practice your makeup skills. Or follow the tutorial on Youtube to find something fascinating to do when you visit the city again.


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