Coronavirus tips for self isolation

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Coronavirus tips for self-isolation

Coronavirus tips for self isolation
Coronavirus tips for self-isolation

There is a large family of coronavirus viruses that are common in humans and others, such as animals.  Sometimes coronavirus is seen in news form that has not been seen in humans. There are several types of human coronaviruses, some of which also commonly cause mild upper respiratory tract diseases.

The virus originally originated from an animal source that infects humans, but now we see the virus spreading from person to person. At this time, it is unclear how easily this virus is spreading among people.


Coronavirus tips for self-isolation
Coronavirus tips for self-isolation

1- Make a schedule: during coronavirus

The first thing you should do is create a schedule. You did not want to spend this time doing anything productive and then ended up regretting it. So start by dividing your day into parts and create a temporary program that includes both the productive and the lazy. Get good sleep, and then indulge in activities that make you happy, keep you healthy and add spice to your life.


2- Organize your location:

Cluttered and untidy places can make us feel heavy and lethargic. If you are working or studying at home then choose a location and arrange it like you are in an office space. A clean and orderly place will increase your productivity level.


Use the extra time you have given to clutter the spaces that have been meaningful to you for ages – wardrobes, drawers, kitchen cupboards, spare rooms – the list is endless. Why not turn yourself into a fabulous walk-in wardrobe/dressing room or an empty room in an office, so that you don’t have to use the dining table!

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3- Keep yourself physically active: during coronavirus

Coronavirus tips for self-isolation
Coronavirus tips for self-isolation

Physical activity is not just about keeping fit – it also keeps your energy levels high. By closing the gym, you can go for a walk or run in the neighborhood as long as you stay away from others. Working at home is also an option these days and is very easy. There are exercise channels on TV and you can follow a fun exercise or dance routine on YouTube to keep yourself fit.


4- Stay connected socially: in the period of coronavirus

In this day and age, I do not need to be connected to you. Social media probably belongs to everyone during this period of isolation. But if you usually find yourself overwhelmed by the number of texts, emails, and notifications, this may be a good time to reconnect with old friends, answer unanswered texts, and empty your bulging inbox. Engagement with other people can be refreshing elsewhere in isolation. Try an app like Houseparty that is taking the world into a storm after the coronavirus hits!

5- Watch out for others:

Perhaps helping people is not usually in your program, but it might be a good time to self-reflect and see if there is anything else you can do. With the elderly most at risk from this virus, you can help them get groceries, medicines, or other necessities.


6- Donate: to poor people during coronavirus

There are many people who have lost their source of income due to Kovid-19, which is by no means an endpoint, so it would be a good idea to donate money, clothes, and food to them. Do you have local food banks or charities that are crying out for supplies?

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7- Take a break from the people around you:

It is not possible to spend every waking hour with our families or roommates, so now when we find ourselves in this situation, it can be difficult to stay away from the chaos. Give me some time and do the things that make you happy alone and make the same suggestions for the people around you. Balancing balance will prove to be a positive thing.

8- Accept the circumstances:

Perhaps the hardest part of self-isolation is accepting that it is for now. It will end but there is a possibility that it will last longer than we expected. In the hope of next week that you can come back to normal, there is nothing positive. Embrace the circumstances and turn a negative into a positive one with the ideas in this book.

9- Wash your hands: during the coronavirus period

Coronavirus tips for self-isolation
Coronavirus tips for self-isolation

Perhaps the most important part about this self-isolation is avoiding Kovid-19 from contracting it. Wash your hands as often as possible and advise people around you to do the same. According to the guidelines, each wash must use soap and warm water, and the last 20 seconds to be effective. Also, keep a distance of 2 meters or 6 feet between you and someone outside your isolation area that you can come in contact with.

10- Increase awareness:

We hear news every day about people who do not know the rules or are deliberately ignoring them. So when you are being isolated, play your part in raising awareness around yourself, why isolation is important. Raise awareness of coronaviruses on social media and in people around you, what the consequences are, and what precautions you can take to avoid it. Raising awareness is the first step to deal with it.

1- Get Tidying:

Does your ‘clothes chair’ have more clothes on it than usual these days? Do you have drawers that are hard to close? It’s probably time to do some tidying around the house if you normally don’t have the time for it. Clean up the clutter, clear out storage spaces, and enjoy the results.

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2- Do Some Reorganizing:

This is probably the best time to mix up some things around your place. Reorganizing spaces can keep you busy and give things a new look. Start by reorganizing your closet, maybe your bedroom, and then move on to places like the kitchen, your living room, or even the garden! Changing the layout of a room can be fun and exciting. You’ll be surprised by the amount of space you can open up if you move things around a little bit.


3- Indulge in Some Pampering:

Does your normal day-to-day routine leave you with little to no time to look after yourself? Well then count this isolation as a blessing. This is probably the best time for you to kick back and relax with a cleansing face mask, your feet soaking in a tub, and indulging in a spa day designed just for you.

4- Give Yourself a Manicure:

While you’re pampering, giving yourself a manicure or a pedicure can be relaxing and make you feel good about yourself. Your nails probably need some care after being neglected due to busy schedules so giving them attention now can be quite beneficial and result in nails you can be proud of. Even if you’re not going out why not show them to friends online?

5- Sort Out your Paperwork:

Not many of us have neatly packed folders that house our bills, receipts, and certificates. This could be the best time to sort through them and organize them however we like. Order some box files or a small filing cabinet online to neatly order all your paperwork. You’ll thank yourself when the time comes that you need to find that insurance policy or birth certificate!

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