CoronaVirus Tips for Self-Isolation

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CoronaVirus Tips for Self-Isolation

coronavirus tips for self isolation
coronavirus tips for self-isolation

1- Divide the works:

coronavirus tips for self-isolation are actually spending the time staying at home during coronavirus isolations or maybe said self-isolation. Being housebound is not easy for anyone, and as more people spend more time at home, the number of cores increases significantly. Instead of leaving the majority of the work to someone else, why not make a list and divide the work around the house into houses. If everyone contributes, no one will feel that they are being taken advantage of.


2- Clean your phone: during CoronaVirus Tips for Self-Isolation

We do not mean to submerge your phone in a tub of water and keep it to contract Kovid-19. We mean, clean your phone from all the unnecessary data that may be hoarding. Get rid of conversations from your junk email, all those forwarded pictures and videos from WhatsApp, and screenshots you sent to your friends long ago.

3- Hold on email: during CoronaVirus Tips for Self-Isolation

Not every email can be deleted – some emails actually need to be answered. We are all to blame for having too many emails in our inbox, which are closed or ignored. With this extra time on your hands, this would be a great time to clean your inbox and check for any missed emails from old contacts.

4- Video call your friends: during CoronaVirus Tips for Self-Isolation

Coronavirus tips for self-isolation
Coronavirus tips for self-isolation

While we know that in reality, we cannot meet our friends, in self-isolation we will not have to forget our faces while doing so. Recall someone you messaged on WhatsApp for a group call (you didn’t know it was possible? Well it is and now it’s time for you to find out!)

5- Call your grandparents: during CoronaVirus Tips for Self-Isolation

Let’s face it, we always ‘mean’ to call our grandparents but somehow we don’t get it often enough. So what better time to call our grandparents who do not live with us? Catch up with them, keep them busy, and watch out for them. All will benefit.

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6- Listen to the stories of your grandparents:

Asking your grandparents about their past can be a great way to talk to them! Perhaps your grandfather was drafted into the war, or your grandmother was in the front row treating soldiers in a medical camp. This can make for an engaging chat and will be something to cherish as you pass. When you are considering why not start a family tree and make a permanent family record for future generations.

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7- Pick a new hobby:

It is unfortunate that our regular routine does not leave us much room to explore our personality. Perhaps this is the right time to start doing something that we always wanted to try. This includes painting, weaving, crochet, jewelry making, and writing; there would be no better time to try them. If you are isolated from others, why not think of one thing that you can teach each other?

8- Self-reflective:

Very few of us find time to do yoga or meditation in our busy lives. But perhaps this time period can be used to self-reflect and contemplate our lives. Set an hour each morning to spend on the balcony or in the garden, and meditate in some yogasanas to make you feel refreshed and happy.

9- Pray to god:

If you are a spiritual person or believe in God, then this time may come for you. Many people, due to a busy schedule, begin to disconnect their spirituality, so this can be a good time to get on your knees and reconnect with your beliefs and your Creator.

10-D-tension: during coronavirus tips for self-isolation

coronavirus tips for self isolation
coronavirus tips for self-isolation

The current circumstances have left all of us feeling anxious. Attending some breathing exercises or meditation to calm the nerves will help reduce stress. During this time keep yourself calm and take part in activities that protect you from spreading panic … Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation. Maybe we can’t stop Corona, but we can definitely combat stress.

11- Become a plant parent:

We all probably bought a plant at some point in our lives that eventually died of neglect or lack of care. Well, it’s time to work on your parenting skills! It may be that the child is brought into the world right now, but he will not be smart, but you should not stop adopting a plant or two. Locate your inner green thumb and do the gardening to keep yourself busy with self-isolation.

12- Start a botanical garden:

You might not go out to buy new seeds or plants, but everyone has vegetables or fruits to eat at home. Collecting their seeds and planting them in your garden, a flower pot or window box can give your vegetable garden a start that can actually be quite successful and give you knew produce in the next few months.

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13- Spend time with your pet:

If there is someone who does not mind spending all the time at home, he is probably your pet. Your cat may not be so nervous but your dog is probably having the time of their lives. Take this time to play with your pets as much as you can, give them a little love, and just keep them busy!

14- Teach your pet tricks: during CoronaVirus Tips for Self-Isolation

coronavirus tips for self isolation
coronavirus tips for self-isolation

When you’re stuck at home with your pets, why not take the time to teach them a new trick. Most animals are smarter than we think. Teaching your dog, cat, or even hamster a hand, rollover, or any other interesting trick. Who knows, once quarantine is over you can apply to the TV talent show!

15- Read a book:

There is always a book that we all hold meaning to read and stay on our shelf for the longest time. You can finally get it to read it. This will be the right way to keep your mind stimulated and mental health in balance. Why not find a group of your friends for an online book club or exchange suggestions for books that each of you have liked.


16- Try a magazine:

A long novel may not be the ideal reading material for you. If you like something lighter and less expensive then you can try reading a magazine. To be the mentally active reading books will be good ideas, that we have for a long period say old magazine.

17- Give audiobook once:

Perhaps reading is not your cup of tea, but it does not mean that you will not enjoy some exciting stories or knowledge. The Internet is a sea of ​​information and these days it is very easy to get your hands on an audiobook. Listening to an audiobook can help you multitask, or relax when you are trying to sleep.

18- Earn from Freelance and Home:

This may be the best time for you to earn some extra cash on your side. Keep your savings untouched and try to earn as a freelancer through this time. A lot of freelance jobs are available on the Internet, including writing, designing, proofreading, recording audio-books, and if you have a very good voice. Try to see jigs on to see what you can offer. Then how to start googling.

19- Try a new recipe:

Whether you are a fan of cooking or not, you will need to cook to keep yourself alive. So how about, instead of cooking the same boring pasta or casserole, you try a new recipe that everyone in the family wants to try! Choose something easy to make with the available supplies, and you’ll be good to go. You will be busy cooking while a full stomach will keep you, and someone you are self-isolated with is happy.


20- Bi-watch a new show:

coronavirus tips for self isolation
coronavirus tips for self-isolation

Whether it is our tight schedule or the lack of free hours at a time, it is almost impossible to watch a TV series at once, unless you stay up all night. However, self-isolation has left us with enough time to deliver our binge requirements, and this would be the best time to start and finish a new TV show, without interrupting it!

21- Movie-time with family:

There is nothing like a good film to really bring a family together without dialogue. Spread out floor pillows, close curtains, make popcorn, and place on a blockbuster film to create a cozy home theater. Choose a movie that everyone likes and let it engage everyone for a while.

22- Pick a paintbrush:

Painting is universally regarded as therapeutic and something that you can spend some time on yourself. You don’t have to be a Picasso to get a paintbrush – once you’re done, you don’t even have to show it to anyone. You can paint just to relax. Let your hand move and let your creative juices flow. You can also find you an undiscovered talent and may be able to sell your art.

23- Learn to draw:

When it comes to making art, there are many mediums and not necessarily a paintbrush. If you do not already know, you can learn to draw in self-isolation.

24- Get creative with DIY craft activities:

There are so many ways to make your creativity flow. Perhaps this is the ideal time to look at your saved pins on Pinterest and engage in some DIY activities. Make yourself a candle, up-cycle some old clothes, or, if you can catch some mud, try your luck in some pottery. DIY is an easy way to engage and engage the whole family, while also having some fun. Search online for some fun activities and let them go. You can try to make slime, make the dough, and printable activity pages.  Also, try balloon animals.

25- Redistribute your home:

Is there a corner in your house that you always want to see a certain way? Or maybe your room is not at all how you want it to be. It can be a good way to keep the house and your family busy. Use the resources you already have, install some lights, bring a plant from outside, paint a wall, or even an entire room. There are lots of ways to make your home new again.


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