Cotton Wick Making Business

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Cotton Wick Making Business

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Cotton Wick Making Business

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In today’s post, we know how to make a cotton wick, which is used for the purpose of worship, Deepawali, and during other festivals everywhere all over the country. Here we know in deep about Cotton Wick Making Business.

How to start Cotton Batti Making Business

Cotton Wicks Business i.e. the business of making cotton lights is a very popular business, after starting this business, good profits can be earned because it is mostly used for worship in India. Apart from India, the business of cotton is growing continuously. During festivals, cotton sticks are used everywhere.


There is a lot of demand for this business in the business of small-scale industries and it is such a business that we can easily start from home and earn big profits. The size of the cotton was not correct, with the passage of time, a lot has changed, now everything is done by machines.

Many people have become unemployed during the lockdown. People are looking for employment and new business. Want to start a business that can be done from home. Do not spend a lot of money to start a business. Rui Batti Manufacturing Business Ideas for such people || How to start cotton making business || Starting Business Mantra Rui Batti making Business is a good option. Both men and women can do this business easily. If you start during the lockdown, you can earn a good profit from it in the coming time.

Cotton sticks are needed in every home. The demand for this product, which is consumed daily, remains in every season. The demand increases during Teej festivals. Cotton wick-making business can be done anywhere in villages, towns, and cities.

Unemployed young women and domestic women living in the countryside can earn good money by making cotton lights. To start this business, a big degree or diploma is required. Even less educated people can do this business.

Cotton wick making machine

There are two types of cotton wool. Long and rounded. The making process of cotton sticks is quite simple. It can be made by hand, to increase the business, more quantity of cotton sticks can be made from the machine in less time. For this, a machine for manufacturing cotton sticks, a packing machine, etc. will be required.

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We have both types of cotton wick making machine which is very cheap. You can see these machines in the video that how easy it is to operate these machines, women can also run them easily. You can contact them direct company to buy the machine (Rui batti making machine price).

Raw material for cotton wick

Cotton is required in the raw material for cotton, which is easily available everywhere. To buy Rammaterial in bulk, you can buy from the wholesale market of the city.


Nowadays colorful colored cotton wicks are also ready. Which is very attractive in appearance. The cheap and expensive type of cotton wool depends on its quality, packaging. The better the packaging and quality, the more expensive it will be. If you want, you can sell it at a more expensive price by packaging it well.

cotton wicker training

You can take the training of making cotton lights when you buy the machine. After one or two hours of training, you can easily operate the machine and make cotton sticks.

where to sell goods

The use of cotton wicks in India is centuries old. Apart from this, its demand increases a lot during Teej festivals.

Cotton somehow lives in the hearts of the people of the country because people have used it at some point or the other, its demand increases more in festivals for worship.

Market demand for Cotton Wick?

Cotton Wicks Manufacturers,
Cotton Wick Making Business

cotton wicks manufacturers- The demand for cotton wicks in the market is increasing day by day, it is used everywhere in homes, factories, schools, temples, its use is not limited to India only if you start this business on a large scale. So you can do its business with other countries as well because cotton is used in foreign countries apart from India, this product is a solution to many problems of the people, besides reducing the price, it is a solution to many problems of the people. The clothes made, which are warm clothes, protect people from winter, that is why its demand increases.

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You can sell ready-made cotton sticks in the wholesale market. You can easily sell retail anywhere in the city or village. Sellers of worship materials can supply to the retailer. It can be given to selling to the shopkeepers around the temples. If you buy machines from us, you can also sell the goods to us in bulk.


where to buy the machine

cotton wick making machines

cotton wicks manufacturing machine- There are a lot of cotton wicks making machines available in the market like manual machines, long light machines, semi-automatic machines, digital machines 1. The price of the digital machine starts from 35 thousand in the market and it can be used for 4 days every day. kg can be produced. The semi-automatic machine starts from 25 thousand, it can produce up to 3 kg per day.

process of making cotton WICK

Machine-made batis are better than those made by hand, cotton sticks can be made easily through machines, first, the cotton is broken into 2 parts, put it well with machines. The process of making the batti is very simple because in this only two parts of the cotton have to be made and put in the machines, after a good process you will get the cotton batti ready from the cotton.

It is very easy to operate the machines which are used to make cotton sticks, so before making cotton sticks, you must have experience of these machines which is very easy.

cost of cotton

If a person is thinking of starting this business, then he can start this business from even 1 small room of his house. After that, you can start your business.

The price of the machine starts from 25 thousand, you can buy a machine according to your business and the raw mall is very cheap which you can buy from the market.

You can start this business from your home in only 50 to 60 thousand.

packing and profit

Packing – You also need packets for packing, which are easily available from the market, to give more attractiveness, you can use boxes, these bags are packed according to the weight, the packing should be in such a way that it can be seen. Apart from this, you can also count in the packet and pack it and put your brand sticker and sell it in the market. cotton wicks manufacturers business profit

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Profit – Talking about the profit in this business, the cost of 1 kg is about Rs 300 per kg and if you sell with a packing of Rs 10, then you can make 120 packets in 1 kg whose retail price is around Rs 1200. In this way you can earn 900 rupees out of 1 kg, your profit depends on your production, how much you are producing then how much stock you are selling in the market.

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Space, electricity, papers needed?

रुई बत्ती बनाने का बिजनेस कैसे शुरू करें?Cotton Wicks Manufacturing Business .
Cotton Wick Making Business

Location – This business is a small-scale industry, for this business, you do not need any good place, you can start it from your home also. If you want to work on a large scale, then you may need more land. cotton wicks manufacturers business in India

Electricity – You need machines to make cotton lights, to run these machines, only light electricity is needed, if you run 1 machine every day for 8 hours, then its electricity bill will also come from 1000 to 1200.

Documents – To start this business, you have to take a license from your nearest district industry center, you can increase your business through an ISO certificate.

Where to sell after making cotton wick

Making cotton sticks is a very easy task, any person can start this business from their home, apart from this, you can start this business easily by knowing about the machines that make cotton lights.

When you have prepared the cotton sticks, now it is the turn where you sell them. After making the cotton, you can sell them in retail to earn more profit and to do more marketing in big malls, supermarkets, wholesalers, Or during the festive season, you can go to any place and sell them.

how to grow cotton wicker business

cotton wicks manufacturers- You need most of the marketing to make your product a brand to grow this business, you can advertise your product through TV channels, newspapers, and banners, marketing the business through networking and social media. It is also very popular at present.

To work at a large level, you have to form your own company, through which you can increase your business and start your business abroad, read its complete information here – How to register your company

If you got to learn something from the information related to cotton wicks manufacturer’s business then definitely share it, thank you.

Friends, today that’s all, we will meet again with a new business idea, Goodbye Take Care.

Thanks for reading the post.


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