Edible tea cup manufacturing process

Edible tea cup manufacturing process
Edible tea cup manufacturing process
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Edible tea cup manufacturing process

Edible tea cup manufacturing process
Edible tea cup manufacturing process

What if there is an option to eat a cup of tea along with drinking tea? This thing can make you laugh, it can surprise you. But this is the real story, tea is being served in a cup that you can eat that cup after drinking tea. Isn’t it awesome? Actually, it is a biscuit cup in the flavor of chocolate. now learn here edible tea cup manufacturing process.

One tea in these cups costs 20 rupees. Tea can be drunk by holding these cups of chocolate-flavored for ten minutes. The use of plastic increases the risk of diseases like cancer to the environment as well as our bodies. This is the reason to use an eatable tea cup.

Introduction of the Edible tea cups manufacturing process

This business will give you 50 paise per person per day from 10000 people. Think how much you can earn per day, per month, and per annum on a very low investment. This can be calculated easily. This is not one, but there are a number of such business ideas on this website.

Here is a business idea with less manpower, low electric consumption, and high profit. Also, the machine cost is not high. Low working capital, means mango is the mango but kernels price.

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If you want to earn big money from small businesses then there can be only two ways. Either your profit margin is high or your product sales are high.

How to earn 5000/- per day the from Edible tea cup manufacturing process

If there are more sales of the product, then the cost of the product also increases, but how will it be if you have a product whose cost is very less. In simple words, how will it be if 10000 people give you only 50/- paise per day?

Think how many you can earn here from this method. It will be about 5000/- per day, 150,000/- per month, and 18, 00,000/- per annum. Oh my god, this is a very profitable business. Now learn which machine have to install.

Which machine should be installed to earn ₹ 5000/- per day

Edible tea cup manufacturing process
Edible tea cup manufacturing process

There is a machine named edible tea cup machine with a cost of Rs.180,000/- to 350,000/- vary with its features. The purchase address has given below this post.

Not much manpower is required. The machine is also not expensive and the running capital is also not required for the raw material. Still, you will earn more.

Actually, all the people in your city will drink tea from the market. You will get 50 paise for each cup of tea. The chaiwala will sell tea. The customer will buy tea and drink it. You don’t have to do anything between these two. Still, you will get 50 paise per customer.

Eatable cup-making machine-Edible tea cup manufacturing process

With the help of this machine, you can make such tea and coffee cups that are eaten. Actually, these are biscuit cups. These cups are made from the material from which the biscuit is made.

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With the help of this machine, the cups are made so strong that when hot tea or coffee is filled inside them, it does not dissolve like Parle G Biscuit. People will drink tea with a pleasant taste and will continue to eat cups along with it. If you do not believe, then first order a box cup and try it. These are available online.

This machine is available in the market from ₹ 180,000/- to ₹ 350,000/-with different features. You can buy according to your budget. All you have to do is make a cup and keep it as an option for all the tea vendors.

Gradually the demand will be started increasing. The machine is brand new, with zero competition in your city. So everyone else will come to you. Even if you put a margin of 50 paise on a cup, it is a lot.

I hope you have learned how to earn 5000/- per day even on less margin, I also, hope you will like and share it with your friends and on social media,

Thanks for reading the post.

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