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Dear friends, here in this post GOAT FARMING NEAR ME, you will know details on goat farming with the following main contents:-

Farming Business Plan

There are many business plans in which good profit can be earned by starting a business with very little capital. Goat Farming is also one such idea. This can be a great employment activity especially for the farmer or working class. In today’s article, we will know in detail about the business of goat farming.

Goat is also called poor’s cow. Because poor people can make a good living by adopting it. The cost of raising and maintaining a goat is very less. In India, improved quality goats give 2-3 liters of milk per day.

Goat eats grasses and weeds obtained from the garden of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, leaves of wild plants, peels of vegetables, etc.

Main features of farming

The number of goats in India is 1200 lakh and in Rajasthan alone, about 135 lakh goats are reared. In many areas of Rajasthan, goats are sent to big cities for meat. There are two methods of raising goats (Bakari Palan).

Keeping the goat in the enclosure and tying it with a peg.

Leaving open as a herd in an open area.

How to follow the goat

The goats that go out to graze, live well by eating the leaves of the trees. By grazing outside for 8-9 hours a day, less expenditure is spent on their upbringing. And the health also remains good.

The goats who are not sent out to graze, are given fodder two or three times a day at home. In this fodder, 1 to 1.5 kg dry grass is fed to 2-4 kg dry fodder. And also give 3-5 liters of water a day.


Along with fodder, a mixture of grain is also necessary for goats, children below one year of age are given 250 grams of grain mixture per day. Goats above one year of age should be given 500 grams of grain daily. The pregnant goat should be given 1 kg of grain before two months of calving.

Goat Feeds preparation

  1. Chickpea porridge – 50%
  2. Wheat Flattening – 50%
  3. Barley porridge – 17%
  4. Corn porridge – 33%
  5. Groundnut cake – 33%
  6. Wheat flatulence – 17%

Goattery environments

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Pure air and dry environment are needed for the housing system of goats, there is no housing system for goats in rural areas. On farms and in urban areas they should be kept in a special type of housing.

Fencing for farming

Each goat should have a fence of 5 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, and 6 feet high. One or two goats can be tied in this enclosure as per convenience. In this way, considering the number of goats, many separators can be made in the enclosure. A small enclosure should be made near the mother for the goat’s children.

Goat meat is called Chevni. Generally, the price of good goats in India is 3 to 5 thousand.

Goat disease

  1. Rinderpest or animal mother
  2. Sheep pox.
  3. Got pox.
  4. Throttle.
  5. Fascioliasis.
  6. Laryngeal fever.
  7. Spleen fever.
  8. Decay.
  9. Tetanus.
  10. Jones disease.
  11. Thanail.

Major breeds

  1. Marwari and Lohi (famous for moss)
  2. Barbari (Goat breed famous for milk)
  3. Jakhrana or Alvari
  4. Sirohi (famous for Moss)
  5. Shekhawati (excess milk without horn)
  6. Parbatsari
  7. Jamnapari
  8. The goats of Varun village of Nagaur district of Rajasthan are famous.

Goat farming loan

It has been started by the Government of India in the year 2013. Banks are given loans by the Central Animal Husbandry Department to farmers and cattle rearers doing goat farming business. In which the Animal Husbandry Department gives a 25 percent subsidy. The balance amount has to be withdrawn and deposited in the bank.


Farming business plan

Goat farming is counted among those businesses where maximum profit can be earned with less investment. They also provide a good environment to the animals, humans have always been animal lovers and have been raising many animals with them.

It costs very little to keep goats, feed water care, etc., and their sales can also be at high prices. Profit can be earned in the goat business in the following ways.

  1. By selling a goat or its lamb
  2. By sale of goat meat
  3. Barning from his skin or milk and wool
  4. Goat fertilizer by selling manure

farming Investment

Every person who belongs to a rural environment knows very well about goats and their price. If you are unaware of this, then tell that the average price of a good dairy goat is five to six thousand, if you want to open a goat farming firm, then you can start this business by investing two to three lakhs or less money.

Huh. In this business, most of your expenses will come in buying goats, places to keep them, fodder, etc. But once this business is started systematically, you can earn a profit of lakhs of rupees monthly.

farming training

Goat Farming Training in India Information | Goat Farming

Human beings have always followed various animals with them and even today many people follow cats, dogs, cows, goats, etc. Just like the rearing of other animals requires proper care. In the same way, it is very important to take care of them for goat rearing.

Earlier the business of goat rearing etc. was limited to the villages only. But just as the prices of milk and its products have started touching the sky, the practice of goat farming has increased rapidly in the cities and the demand for training for this business has also increased rapidly so that in the business of goat farming with minimum risk and expense, success can be found.


Many farming training centers are open in the country, where you can stay and get complete information about the goat farming business. Right guides like good breeds of goat are given complete training regarding their feeding, care, breeding, etc.

You can earn manifold profits by doing your business more professionally by following the guidelines received by goat and cattle experts. You may have to spend 5 to ten thousand rupees on this type of training center.

What are the benefits of farming?

The biggest advantage in the business of farming is that this business can be started with very little capital, as well as there is no problem regarding its market.

Goat is called poor’s cow. Goat farming is done on a large scale in the Indian rural environment. It is said to be the business of lowest risk and more profit, it also costs very little in the maintenance of the animal.

How do you do farming?

To start a farming business as a professional goat farmer, he must start the business with a good breed of goat. Sirohi, Barbari, etc. are good breeds, the farmer’s friend should have the basic knowledge before starting goat farming so that he can avoid damage.

How much does farming earn?

If the goat is called a farmer’s ATM then it is not wrong, because he can easily earn money by selling it whenever he wants. One can earn up to ten thousand rupees by selling a good breed of milch goat. If goat rearing is done scientifically then it is more beneficial.

I hope friends have given you the most like information about farming. You will have liked this article on Goat Farming Business Plan. If you liked the information given in this article, then definitely share it with your friends.


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