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Google AdSense money making
Google AdSense money making


AdSense is Google’s program that allows you to sell space on your website to host other people’s ads. Hosting AdSense ads on your website or blog as a host is completely 100% free and a great way to earn some money.

How do you make money with Google’s AdSense? Simple, Google pays you every time someone clicks on an AdSense ad on your blog. The person who clicks on your ad is called a “click-through“. Your visitor is clicking through your webpage to another webpage via an AdSense link on your website. Google pays you for these clicks through visitors because their advertisement has successfully reached the visitor on your blog. You get paid because you have agreed to host the ads and you have provided good content that has received a targeted advertisement and consequently clicked on that advertisement.

Google AdSense monetizes easily the blogs hosted by blogger, why so? when this is a popular monetizing platform in the world and its setup is easy.

The answer is simple; Google has both Blogger and AdSense, so both are programmed to work very well together. Google wants you to be able to host your AdSense ads on your blog, so they have made it much easier for you to advertise ad blocks, and make them simpler to mix and match with the theme of your blog. They understand that this makes for a higher click-through ratio and wants to work with you to earn as much revenue for both of you as possible.


Google AdSense money-making is also very popular because it makes you go out without paying and to find your advertisers for your site. Think of all the work you will have to go through to find other businesses to advertise your products that will interest your specific visitors to your website.

Instead of going out and finding other companies to advertise on your website, Google brings them there to advertise on your site. This saves you loads of time and gives you the ability to create loads of cash in the process. It also brings some seriously high-quality advertisers to your blog. All the world’s largest companies advertise through Google!



AdSense is easy and intuitive that study the websites or blogs to understand to choose what type of ads are relevant to the content on the website and blogs. This means that if you have a blog on cats, AdSense will not advertise on your blog about working at home. AdSense ads are great because they will be relevant to your topic and content, meaning that you have a better chance of getting your readers to click on them.

How Google AdSense money making Works If, for example, you have a blog about dogs, AdSense will advertise for things like your pet supplies, dog training, and other relevant items and services that visitors to your blog Are likely to click on them. You will not see advertisements on a dog-themed website for irrelevant things like weight loss products or can make tons in home furnishings schemes. Ads will fit into the topics you are writing. Also what makes AdSense ads great is that they can be mixed with the theme and look of your website or blog. This makes them look less “advertised” and they actually look like a completely natural part of your blog. While people who visit your website or blog do not want to see blurry ads, they see AdSense ads more as a part of your content or other links. This is good for two reasons. Number one, you don’t want to be seen trying to make money from your blog’s readers. Number two, your blog does not appear as a bunch of very clear looking advertisements. You do not want your visitors to see a bunch of billboard type advertisements, but rather ads that coincide with both your blog color and subject. AdSense does this very well and the process is very simple, using Blogger to host your blog.



AdSense does not allow you to select specific ads that appear on your site, but it does an amazing job of keeping your site content consistently. AdSense allows you to exclude advertisements from your direct competitors on your website if for some reason they appear on your site. If for example, you have a blog on which you sell your own goat cheese, the last thing you want in an ad is your contestant who also sells goat cheese that comes on ads. From understanding the ads allows excluding the ads that are not proper This has been done on the AdSense console and we will include it later in this post.

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How does AdSense know how to send ads?

Google AdSense money making
Google AdSense money making

Google’s AdSense engine sends its bot in the name of Google, which asks you to visit your site regularly to check your pages. This bot is just a program that reads your pages. Google bot looks at your keywords, the structure, and formatting on your web pages, the native language of your site, etc… Using the information gathered by Google bot, Google then sends AdSense ads to your site to entice your visitors the most. There is a possibility. Click on them.

Googlebot will also tell AdSense if your blog is in a language other than English so that your ads come to you in the language of your site. It would not be great to see English advertisements on a Spanish site or vice versa. AdSense is available in many languages ​​and regions worldwide. And, the advertisements you get on your blog will be from your own region and your native language.

Google AdSense money-making is the longer your website, and the more you are scanned by Googlebot, the more strongly the ads match your content. If you have not done a great job of using too many relevant keywords, the first bot may misunderstand the meaning of your blog. If you have a blog about coffee, yet you talk a lot about your children in your blog message posts, you can end the ads that are of interest to the readers of the children’s blog. If you want to monetize your blog, it is important to stay on a topic most of the time, so that Google bot will read your blog and submit ads that you want to show on your site.


Blogger: Expectations VS Reality

Knowing what standards Google is searching for on your website with Google bot, and keeping your blog compliant with those standards, makes AdSense work best for you. For some unknown reason, AdSense likes pages with a lot of text and not a lot of graphics. Google bot sees the large or bold text as having more importance than regular text. This means that posting big and bold keywords can help improve AdSense zero in the subject of your blog. It also means that you want to keep photos and graphics to a minimum and make sure you stay on topic for a large percentage of the time. If you want to create a blog with lots of photos, then you can consider starting a second blog and hosting them all and then combine the two blogs together.


An important tip for all bloggers is to make sure that you start all your blog posts with a big, bold, title at the beginning of the text section of each blog message post. This is very quick and easy to do and yet it is very effective with AdSense. For example, suppose your blog is about a frog, you have to mention about the frog in your title with a bold heading so that google understand easily.  Taking the time to do this simple task will ensure that Googlebot understands your blog more quickly and provides you with relevant AdSense ads. It is also natural for your readers and it is not

Distracting for them. It also takes less time to deal with playing special tag words or any other search engine game blogger.



Another good tip with AdSense is to make sure that you use your subject’s keywords frequently in your blog post title, and re-use them within the content of your post as well. For example, if you have a blog about chickens, you might want to make sure that the title of your post mentions the word “chicken”. You will also want to make sure that you mention chickens, eggs, and other related words as much as possible in your posted messages. The more you can post content filled with relevant titles and keywords, the better AdSense will work for you and send you relevant ads. You have a very high click-through rate for ads that are relevant to the topic of your blog. Think about the time you clicked on Google AdSense ads on the website you were visiting. Generally, was it for something related to the subject you were already studying? Of course, it was.

However, with all this being said, you do not want to overload your posted messages with keywords. Your reader wants to know that you publish your blog for their reading, not to make money from them. There is definitely a balance between making your readers happy and Googlebot happy that presents your Adsense ads on your website. Instead of stuffing those keywords, try to make more sentences or use them in the title and add a little more text to your message posts.



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