How To Start Pickle Making Business

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How To Start Pickle Making Business


Today’s we discuss on pickles manufacturing business. Pickle is one such food item that is used in every household in India. Here we have a favorite to eat pickles at weddings, parties, and generally with food in homes. Pickle with food makes the food even more delicious.

Pickle is used a lot in cities as well as in villages. Pickles are widely used in India and in view of this, pickle business can be a very profitable deal.

What is pickle business?

Pickles of vegetables
How To Start Pickle Making Business

The business of pickles means that the process of earning by which a person can make his own pickle company and earn by selling his pickles in the market. It is not necessary that only mango pickle business can be done.

There is a great demand in the market for all types of pickles. Either it may be of Amla, mango, some special vegetables like carrot,  radish, chili, lemon, garlic, jackfruit, ginger, bitter gourd, etc. Mainly it depends upon you that what type of pickles business you want to start. this small business can be started from home.


Before starting the pickle-making business, make a pickle at your home and feed it to the people around you and your special people and take feedback from them about your pickle. And also try new experiments to enhance the taste of your pickles. So that person likes the taste of your pickle.


Location Required for Pickle Making Business

For pickle-making business, there should be at least 800 to 1000 square feet. If you want, you can start it in your own home. Free space is needed for making, drying, and packing pickles. To preserve the pickle for a longer time, keep cleanliness in the place where the pickle is made and also keep cleanliness in the method of making pickle.

Ingredients Required for Pickle Making Business

There are many types of pickles, for whichever type of pickle you want to make, you can use the following ingredients according to your need.

Fresh fruits and vegetables – Mango, carrot, radish, chili, lemon, garlic, jackfruit, ginger, bitter gourd, etc. Fruits and vegetables.

Also Mustard Oil, Spices, Vinegar, Vegetable Cutter to chop vegetables, Utensils to store Pickles, and Containers to pack Pickles.

The Main Pickle Recipe

Pickles recipe
How To Start Pickle Making Business

The most important thing in the business of making pickles is the method of making pickles. If your pickle-making method is good and its taste is good then the pickle business can become very famous. There are many methods of making pickles, some of which are of S types:

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Some pickles are made in a simple way, and some are made into spices such as mango, radish, chilly, carrot pickle, turmeric, salt, and many other types of spices that are dried in the sun for a week after a year and then in it. After adding oil, you can eat it after a few days.

In mango pickle, first cut fresh mangoes, then grind turmeric, salt, rai, chili, mustard and mix it in oil. After this, fill the spices in freshly cut mango and put it in the sun.


Dry it in the sun for 20 to 25 days and then fill it in a box. And put mustard oil on top and keep it for about 1 month. After 1 month this pickle will be ready to eat.


Lemon pickle is the easiest of all pickles. First of all, the lemon is rubbed and dried, and then after adding salt, again dry it in the sun for a few days. Some people believe that the older the lemon pickle is, the tastier it is.

Where can I sell my Pickles?

To sell your pickle, you must first promote it. Send your pickle to the market to test its sample in the marketing near you. Those who like your pickle will definitely come to order. You can also sell your pickles at hotels, general stores, college Canteen, and restaurants.

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Cost of investment in the pickles manufacturing business

Picles varieties
How To Start Pickle Making Business

To start a pickle-making business, it will cost at least 40 to 50 rupees. In which fruits and vegetables, oil, spices, some large utensils, and some machines have to be bought. Along with this, daily wages have to be paid to the servants.

How much profit can I earn?

At a cost of 40 to 50 thousand rupees, this business of pickles can make up to 40% profit or even more profit. This can mean a profit of about 15 to 20 thousand. It depends on your marketing.

Types of pickles

There are many types of pickles but most people know how to make mango and lemon pickles only. Except for the mango pickle, there are lots of varieties of pickles. Some of those are mixed pickles, coconut pickles, garlic pickles, Amla pickles, carrot pickles, jackfruit pickles, green chili pickles. Raw mango pickles, tamarind pickles, and sour-sweet lemon pickles.


License for pickle business

For pickle business license is required by FASSI. FASSI licenses you after examining your product. You can apply for its license online. The process of getting this license takes about two months.

Friends I hope that you have understood well about the How To Start Pickle Making Business. If any questions in your mind you may comment happily, I will try my best to reply.

Thanks for reading this post.


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