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Process of Ice Cream Manufacturing

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Process of Ice Cream Manufacturing

Process of Ice Cream Manufacturing


In today’s post, we will know about the Process of Ice Cream Manufacturing. Ice cream is very much liked by people not only in India but also abroad. Everyone is interested in eating ice cream, whether it is a child or an older person. Today we will talk about the business of making ice cream, how one can start this business.

Friends, this is such a business that you can start at a low cost and you can increase your capital as soon as you get profit. By the way, there are many small-scale industries which you can start at a low cost and in less space. There is also an ice cream business in them.

Ice cream demand in India

Ice cream is one such food that is in great demand during the summer season. And the demand remains in the winter season also. But there is less demand than in summer. Usually, people eat ice cream, but nowadays the demand for ice cream is very high even at weddings and parties and this shows how much people like ice cream.

If you want to be successful in the business of ice cream, then keep the quality of your ice cream good and keep the rate medium. Nowadays there are many ice cream makers present in the market. Like – Mother Dairy, Kwality Walls, Vadilal, Amul, Hevmore, etc. If you want, you can also make this type of ice cream and you can also make your own brand.

License for ice cream making business

A government license is required to sell any food items in India, and this license is given by an organization called FSSAI. If you want to get a license through FSSAI then you have to apply online for that.

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On applying, FSSAI will check the sample of ice cream made by you and if its quality is correct, you will get its license and you will be able to sell your ice cream, but keep in mind that if the quality is not good, then your application can also be canceled.

The right place for ice cream making business

Choosing the right place for the Ice cream business play a vital role in profit-making. Make sure that there is provision for water and electricity in that place and it should be in such a place from where there is no problem in taking your ice cream raw materials.

Employee selection

The only skilled employees should be kept on the job.

Cost of the project of ice cream business

Process of Ice Cream Manufacturing

To start an ice cream business, at least 5 lakh rupees will be required. Mainly the cost of machines, Raw materials, and the first payment of employees will be required to start an ice-cream business.

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For this business, many programs are run by the Government of India, which promotes self-employment and also gives you a loan for this. The Government of India brings many new plans for this.

Raw materials required for Process of Ice Cream Manufacturing

Many things are needed to make ice cream. For example, milk, cream of milk, powder, butter, sugar, eggs, color powder and flavor powder, etc.

Ice cream making machine

Many types of machines are needed to make ice cream. From which ice cream can be made easily.

These machines are as follows:

  1. Fridge.
  2. Mixer.
  3. Cooler condenser.
  4. Thermopolis Ice cooler Box.
  5. Brine tank.

You will get all these machines easily, if you want, you can buy them online or offline. Machines will cost about Rs.2.00 lakhs.

Raw materials of Ice cream making

Process of Ice Cream Manufacturing

Followings are the main steps in the manufacturing of Ice cream:-


  1. Mixing – To make ice cream, first of all, a mixture has to be prepared in which milk, sugar, and eggs are mixed in a blender and mix it well.
  2. Pasteurization Process – In this process the mixture is boiled well. So that the pathogenic bacteria present in the mixture are killed.
  3. Homogenization Process – In this process the fat present in the milk is removed and it is given a uniform texture. This mixture is kept overnight at 5 °C.
  4. Liquid flavor and color – According to its color and flavor in ice cream, flavor solar color is added to it, after which it is put in the freezer to set the ice cream. After the ice cream is jam, it is taken out and packed.
  5. Ice cream packing

After the ice cream is ready, it is packed. There are many different types of packaging of ice cream. The expensive ice cream is packed inexpensive boxes and the cheap ones are packed in a normal way.

Profit in ice cream making business

Profit in the ice cream business depends on your marketing and along with it also depends on what ingredients you have put in your ice cream. If you use cheap material then you will get more profit and if you use expensive material then your profit will be less.


While making ice cream, take care of all kinds of cleanliness and add all types of ingredients so that there is no decrease in the quality of ice cream. Along with this, care should also be taken in the packaging of ice cream.

I hope friends you have understood well about the Ice cream business. Any questions in your mind you may comment freely. I will try my best to reply to them.

Thanks for reading this post.


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