Project Report on Fly Ash Bricks

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Project Report on Flyash Bricks

Dear friends

I am very sorry for delayed reply.

Many friends have commented on the bankable fly ash project report and other project reports. So I have to reply that Detailed project on any products costs Rs. 1,500/- each under the PMEGP scheme. Our project report includes an introduction, marketing prospects, manufacturing process, machinery details, other fixed assets, project cost, means of finance, detailed working capital calculation, cost of production, profitability statements, taxation, depreciation by WDVM and SLM interest calculation, repayment schedule on T/L, cash flow statements, balance sheet statement, BEP, DSCR, and required all ratio analysis as per bank guidelines.

The above details are for PMEGP schemes.


ER. K. N. Singh

Please fill details here for project report

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