Project Report on Rice Flakes Manufacturing

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Project Report on Rice Flakes Manufacturing

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Rice Flakes making machine

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Here we will know about the complete process and requirements of rice flakes manufacturing, what is process, the registration process, important licenses required, and markets. we know about the project report on rice flakes manufacturing.



Why Start a Rice Flakes Manufacturing?

Many people are earning a good income by doing different types of business. You can also become a successful businessman by starting your own business. On the other hand, if you are considering doing any business, then you can look into the business of making Rice Flaks and earn money through this business. To do the business, you just need to know, what is rice flakes made from and how it is made.

Market scope of Rice Flaks

Rice flakes being a tasty food item are consumed by people in our country. Because Rice flakes are such a thing which is consumed by people of all ages groups. Due to its excessive consumption, its demand also remains in the market the whole year.

Raw materials Required

Rice flakes are manufactured from paddy or rice, so paddy is required to make it and therefore you have to buy a lot of paddy from the market.

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You can buy paddy from the market. There are many types of paddy, some of which are of good quality, while the quality of some paddy is not very good. You have to decide the quality of the paddy. You have to decide as per your budget.

Paddy Price for manufacturing of Rice flakes

Paddy prices do not stay the same and keep changing, so you should purchase directly from the farmers.

Rice Flakes Manufacturing Machine

To make rice flakes, you will required Machines. You can buy this machine from the manufacturer. The price of this machine is decided according to its quality and capacity.

Rice Flakes Manufacturing Process

To make rice flakes, the paddy is first cleaned to remove stones or pebbles, so that the quality of the rice flakes does not deteriorate.

After cleaning the paddy, it is soaked in hot water for at least forty minutes. After 40 minutes they are taken out and kept for dry. Then it is roasted in the roaster machine. After this, the roasted paddy is placed in the rice Flakes making machine where final products in the form of rice flakes with well cleaned come out. This product is packed for supply.

License required for rice flakes manufacturing

Before selling rice flakes in the market, you have to get many types of licenses from the government such as:-

  • Udyam Registration
  • GST Registration
  • Trade License
  • MSME/SSI Registration
  • Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)
  • IEC code

Along with this, in the state where you will start your rice flakes factory, you will also have to get other licenses given by the state government.

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When paddy dried well, then roasted in a roaster machine with a furnace. When paddy is roasted well, its skins are separated from it.

After peeling well, put in the rice flakes making machine and they take the shape of rice flakes. In this way your rice flakes are ready and you can pack them and sell them in the market.

Cost of rice flakes plant setting up

Rice Flakes making machine
Rice Flakes making machine

It will cost at least Rs. 8.00 lakhs to start this factory. Other expenses are license getting, required building construction. When your factory will start, you will also have to pay salary, electricity, and water expenses every month. Therefore, keeping all these types of expenses in mind, prepare your budget.

Caution to be taken

Rice flakes are a food item, so a lot of care has to be taken, many types of cleanliness have to be taken while making it. Because if a little carelessness is taken in making them, then your license can be canceled and it can also be harmful to the health of the people.

Benefits of making rice flakes

White Beaten Rice Flake, Packaging: 500 gram to 5 kg, Rs 42 /kilogram | ID: 20048286897
Project Report on Rice Flakes Manufacturing

There are many advantages associated with the business of rice flakes, such as you do not need any kind of degree to do this business. Rice flakes can be made easily and do not require any kind of science or technology to make them.

Rice flakes-making business can also be done with investment and more profit can be earned from this business. Raw materials are easily available.

Financial help is provided by the government to start rice flakes manufacturing. when you do not have money, you will be able to start this business by taking a loan.

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Loan facility

The government of India is helping the people, who start rice flakes manufacturing. Therefore, people who have a shortage of money, can take a loan at a low interest rate and start this business. You can take a loan under the PMEGP scheme. This scheme required no collateral security, and only 5% margin money is required, Bank will finance up to 95%.

Space required to set up rice flakes unit

Rice Flake Machine - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers
Project Report on Rice Flakes Manufacturing

To set up a unit of rice flakes, you will need at least a 500 square feet covered area. You rent this place over there. After taking the place, you will have to purchase the rice flakes-making machines. After fitting the all machines you can start your work.

How much will be the profit?

If one thousand quintals of rice flakes are prepared by you, then you can generate Rs. 10.00 lakh by selling. In this Rs. 8.00 lakh will be sell cost, then your profit amount will be Rs. 2.00 lakh.


Before starting this business, you should do good research on this, so that you can know how this business is done.

I hope you will like this post. any question in your mind related to this post you may comment. Thanks for reading.


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