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What is the market size of the online food delivery industry in India?

What is the market size of the online food delivery industry in India?
What is the market size of the online food delivery industry in India?

Friends today’s post will discuss “what is the market size of the online food delivery industry in India”. Revenue, e-commerce, e-retail, food delivery, there were many products but e-delivery is a fast-growing trend in the e-commerce industry that grew by a large margin. In some countries like India, the e-commerce market size has made the entire country have e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. Those products mostly create world-class internet ordering systems in most countries.

The Indian food industry had not moved much from offline to online before Uber introduced the Uber Eats service. The market size is large, e-commerce companies are racing to grab an early foothold into the market. We have not seen an increase of buyers on this product, because of the competition on the food delivery services.

The main players are rapidly investing money in the food delivery business.

Hence, the main players of this market are rapidly investing money into marketing, R&D, employee development, branding, product development, etc.

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By its peak, we have expected around 871 million meals delivered per year in India, according to the new estimates.

these meal delivery companies are growing at a rapid pace, they have to invest in product development, marketing, hiring. They have to do all these product quality checks, train every driver, build out their courier services, hire couriers, etc.

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The competitive price space is tough, you have to find the right partnership with every govt. to use a flexible and accessible tax system. Payment for that food order has to be made in cash or face a lot of issues.

We can expect the entire food delivery industry to grow and also eat the snacks of the e-commerce businesses.

Nilesh Safai is an entrepreneur and serial entrepreneur, he started his own online business in 2009 and it’s now the largest online restaurant in India. He is the Co-founder & CEO of Redbus in 2010 with the intent to create the largest online bus and cabs booking & booking in India. Nilesh co-founded and co-managed the e-Merchant app launched in 2010.

Nilesh Safai’s experience in leading digital business development & start-ups in India.

Nilesh Safai has spent over 10 years in the online food ordering industry. He started his career as a food courier who was a part of the ride-sharing company Ola. In 2013, he joined Foodpanda to launch an online food delivery service in India.

Ailes’s successful e-commerce venture

What is the market size of the online food delivery industry in India?
What is the market size of the online food delivery industry in India?

Nilesh has supported his marketing in starting e-commerce ventures

His start-up started with seed fund investing and customer acquisition and has now chosen to have revenue sharing with the vendors. He is currently looking for specific niche areas to invest in or find various niche segments that fit well with his customers. His management team also owns a chain of dine-in restaurants in Ludhiana and is seeking to get more opportunities by bringing more e-commerce food ordering opportunities.

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The biggest startup and the angel investor in the Indian food delivery market will be Amazon who is planning to launch its food delivery service in March 2016. In 2014, EchoVR, the online travel portal for self-drive started to provide solutions to provide online food ordering solutions to their customers, which is a technology he is aware of. Amazon is investing heavily in marketing and R&D in the next 12 months.

Nilesh, over the years, helped a lot of the business teams in launching their products in the market. He taught them the basics about start-ups like programming, sales, customer service, and sales. For his direct experience, he has managed their production teams, he managed their digital marketing. He taught them about building databases, marketing strategies, brand awareness, etc.

He advises small startups in the e-commerce space, He helps them in integrating marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media, email marketing, Email marketing, Calendar Marketing, etc. He makes every possible effort in expanding and growing their food delivery business.

He advised many food delivery platforms in India, he understands the role of small-sized companies in expanding food delivery businesses by providing constant guidance and advice.

Nilesh is optimistic about the Indian online food delivery industry and is optimistic about being the first startup that will introduce the online food ordering industry in India, and build an entire ecosystem around it.


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